Celebraciones Restaurante Casa RiquelmeIn the restaurant Riquelme celebrations were organized in meals, dinners of all kinds; policies, cultural, business, dining in our country.

Riquelme The group specializes in large events having made our giant paellas famous worldwide for its performance and quality, emphasizing among other places:

  • Paris and Dijon 2006 (France).
  • Isle de LScala 1994 (Verona, Italy).
  • Brussels 1989 (Belgium)
  • Tampa 1988 (Florida, U.S.)
  • Oslo 2004-2005 (Norway).
  • Pamplona fiesta macro university 2010.
  • Ciudad Real 2000 people living San Juan bonfire party (Alicante).
  • Murcia 2000 people living San Juan bonfire party.
  • Madrid (Moratalaz) 2500 personas.
  • Madrid (villaviciosa of odon) 1500 personas.
  • Madrid (San Lorenzo del Escorial) 3000 personas.
  • Madrid (chamberi neighborhood) 2200 personas.
  • Catalunya (Montmelo) 10000 personas.
  • Barcelona (Tibidabo) 4000 personas.
  • Malaga 2400 personas.
  • Alicante (All peoples of the province).
  • RIQUELME PAELLAS Murcia has been in almost every town of Murcia (in 40 de los 45 municipalities and 1of thelos 295 peoples and their deputies).
  • Valencia expansionando their rice for its beautiful and entertaining people. Stressing the Fideua held in Cheste in the Ricardo Tormo circuit for 10000 personas.
  • Benicàssim Castellón (2000), Racing Club Castellón(1000), Benicarló(1200) and many of its beautiful mountain villages.
  • Dublin city end 2009.
  • Dublin embassy of Spain 2010.
  • Edinburgh 2011.
  • Leeds 2012.
  • Liverpool 2012.
  • Castilla La Mancha: Albacete, Almansa, Corral Rubio, Elche and Mills(especially bordering towns Alicante, among other peoples are more frequent with our rice.
  • Almeria Ejido, Vera, Mojacar, Almeria center etc..